Wednesday, December 26


Oh my God! Seems like it's been a long time right that I didn't update my blog? A lot of stories that I want to tell you but I didn't have a time since I've been so busy.

Went to Penang, Perak, Kedah and Perlis last 2 weeks for family vacation. So, I missed my English, vocal and acting class for one day. Went to those 3 states for 3 days only. We had so much fun! How I wish I could bring my boyfriend with me. Or wherever I go :/ Eh it's not an easy thing to do. Never mind, one day I'll make sure that he'll join us. Planning for next year vacation. Hmm Thailand!! If Allah wills it :)

So I guess those pictures is enough to show you how much fun that I had when I was in Penang. Pictures at Kedah, Perak and Perlis semua di Instagram. Do follow me on Instagram followers, just search my name, FaraFahzir. 

Back to my campus life on Monday night. Papa bawa kereta laju gila. From Perlis to Shah Alam. Reached my campus at 11.00pm. Luckily, boleh masuk kampus lagi. Nampak muka polis bantuan buat selamba je dan terus naik rumah tingkat 4. Just imagine, I carried all my bags by myself. Hmm heavy bags pula tu. 

Overall, percutian yang singkat pada tempoh hari benar-benar memberi kesan yang takkan dapat dilupakan. Hilang semua stress yang melanda diri kerana tugasan yang begitu banyak untuk diselesaikan. Semoga hidup kita dirahmati Allah :)