Sunday, December 11

I wrote this...

I never thought it would happened to me because I'm just a poor girl. I'm not pretty like the other girls in this beautiful world. I always wanted to be rich. Everyday I'll pray to God to give me strength to face the test that He gives me. It's not enough if I just prayed to God. I have to work hard. I'm thinking back on what my late mother told me when we were on the phone three years ago. "Dear, you're the only one child that I have. I want you to succeed in your life. Get a good job and the most important thing is I want you to marry the right person so that he can take a good care of you when I have passed away". I still remember every word that she said to me. I really missed my mother.

But time flew slow so to speak after mother's death. I had no one in the world. I had a grandmother but she was 1,000 kilometres away and we were never close. I had to find a job. I was not entirely penniless but money can flow out like water if it is not invested. The house was mine, all paid for. That was a relief. I had a very nice neighbours and a few close friends. I never knew how it was to be really alone until one day I had a fever.

I had aches and pain all over my body. I scoffed it thinking it might be flu. It went on for more than three days and I knew something was wrong. I had dengue fever. I never knew being alone in the world was devastating. I broke down in the corridor and then a man consoled me. I lost all shyness. I blurted everything and he listened. Then, it was all over. I felt spent and went back to my room and thought nothing of it. Little did I knew that fate was about to strike in the most wonderful way.

One day, I met someone that changed everything in my life. We met at "Secret Recipe" the restaurant. He worked there. I went there because I wanted to ask if there were still have any vacancies. But, we bumped into each other. He stared at me as he knew me. He introduced himself to me and I did the same thing. His name was Farish. He asked me for my phone number so I gave it to him and I really hoped that I could get a job there because Farish was the owner of that restaurant. I thought he just a worker. He was so humble.

My mobile phone was ringing non-stop. I hesitated but at last I decided to answer the call. I heard a man's voice. He asked me to guess who it was on the line. I started to laughed because I knew it was Farish. We had a long conversation and I asked him about the vacancy. He said that the restaurant was launched a few weeks ago and of course he needed a worker. Thank God, he accepted me to work with him but not as waitress or cashier but as his secretary.

It was about ten months I worked there as Farish's secretary. My relationship with Farish became serious day by day. We loved each other. He told me that he started to fall in love with me when the first time he saw me. I felt so happy and comfortable when I was with him. Maybe we were meant for each other. Who knew. He wanted to meet my mother but I told him that I was an orphan. My father passed away when I was in primary school and my mother passed away three years ago. He felt sorry for me. Then, a few weeks later he asked me to meet his mother in Kuala Lumpur. I met his mother. She was a very nice woman and she asked me to call her "mama". Farish told me that his mother liked me very much. I was so grateful to God.

On 30th December 2009, it was the happiest day of my life. I never felt so happy. Farish bought me a bouquet of roses. He took me to a very special place that I did not know. He proposed to me on that day and I accepted him to be my husband forever and ever. Farish's father and mother appeared suddenly and they said congrats to me and Farish. They looked at each other and smiled meaningfully.